sea cucumber processing line

sea cucumber machine

sea cucumber machine

Sea Cucumber Processing Line Introduction

We have the sea cucumber washer,sea cucumber dryer,sea cucumber cooker,packing machine,etc to processing the sea cucumber.The process can be designed according to customer needs.

Sea Cucumber Drying Line Features

1. Customized processing according to customer’s products and output.

2.Slaughtering, cooking, drying, no deformation, no cracking, no discoloration, no deterioration, no oxidation, thorough drying, good rehydration after drying, less loss of nutrients, long storage period, more effective protection of sea cucumber products than traditional equipment Color, aroma, taste, individual form and nutrients.

3. Saving operating costs, no waste gas waste heat, no noise pollution, and environmental protection. Low temperature, low energy consumption, automatic temperature control, energy saving, environmental protection, no pollution, no exhaust, no waste water, waste residue. Greatly improved the production environment.

4.The design is generous, increasing the aesthetics of the workshop.

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