commercial sausage filling machine

Commercial Sausage Filling Machine Introduction

◎The electric hydraulic sausage filling machine is made of high quality stainless steel and has beautiful appearance.

◎This sausage filling machine is compact and reasonable in structure, sealed and waterproof, easy to clean. It is used for making meat paste.

◎The filling type can be foot switch jog mode or continuous filling.There are 3 different types of tube, which can be replaced according to the size of the casing.

◎Due to the precise design of the hood, only a very small portion remains at the end of the process.

◎The meat discharge is smooth and uniform, no bubbles, and the meat does not change color.

◎It adopt the hydraulic drive, the operation is simple.

Sausage Filling Machine Features:

◎Mechanical modularity facilitates quick maintenance service.
◎Automatic pressure reducing device.
◎Separate storage tank.
◎Electro-hydraulic sausage filling machine meet the hygiene.
◎The piston can be disassembled for easy washing.
◎The bottom of the cylinder is made of stainless steel.
◎The function of the foot switch control system is safe and convenient to operate; the cost of the enema is low.

Sausage Filling Machine Parameters:
Model No. : HT-25 sausage filling machine
Volume: 25L
Motor power: 1.5kw
Rated voltage : ~220V
Rated frequency : 50Hz
Barrel diameter: 200mm
Machine weight : 105kg
Dimensions : 700*550*1350mm

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