fully auto sausage binding machine

Fully Auto Sausage Binding Machine Introduction:

◎Fully automatic single/double sausage cable tying machine for efficient production and efficient and efficient sausage tying machine;
◎The automatic single sausage cable tying machine adopts advanced servo motor and the newly developed human-machine interface control system.
◎The fuselage is made of stainless steel suitable for food. It has the advantages of high efficiency, easy handling, and saving of raw materials. The length and diameter of the product can be set according to customer’s requirements.

Fully Auto Sausage Binding Machine Parameters:

Model Weight Size Casing diameters Speed Distance
HG500 sausage binding machine 250kg 1075*780*1300mm 9-40mm 100-500 20-180mm

Semi Auto Sausage Binding Machine Introduction:

◎This machine is a sausage bowing device which has the characteristics of simple operation, easy to grasp, and convenient use.
◎The production capacity is up to 80 strips/min, and the length of the product can be adjusted from 3 to 25 cm at random. Only one worker can be used.
◎It can effectively save casings, reduce business costs and increase profits. The sausage cable tying machine can be used together with the hydraulic sausage filling machine to realize the filling and tying.
◎This machine has strong structural performance, is not easy to damage, and almost no maintenance structure makes you worry-free production. It is the first choice for small and medium-sized food companies. Reduce costs and increase efficiency for customers.

Semi Auto Sausage Binding Machine Parameters:

Model HZX-1 sausage tying machine HZX-2 sausage tying machine
pressure 0.3-0.6mpa  
Capacity 40-60 length/minutes 30-60 length/minutes
Casing length 30-200mm 30-200mm
Size 500*1220*1020mm 500*1220*1040mm
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