meatball production line

meatball production line

meatball production line

Meatball Production Line Introduction:

This meatball assembly line is specially designed for manufacturers with large meatball production capacity. It is suitable for cooking and cooling various meatballs, fish balls, vegetable pills, toxins and conch. Its outer dimensions can vary according to the number of meatball machines. Generally, 4, 6 and 8 meatball machines are available. This assembly line is developed by our company after years of innovation, and is developed to meet the needs of manufacturers who have a large capacity to produce meatballs. During the period, it has been continuously improved through the use of local food manufacturers and the proposal of rationalization.

Meatball Production Line Features:

The whole machine is made of SUC304 stainless steel, double-layer insulation design, chain transmission, and the equipment runs more smoothly. The segmented automatic temperature control system is adopted, the mesh belt chain is automatically improved, and the equipment cleaning is more convenient.

Equipped with secondary screening function and speed control function (digesting speed and water flow speed are adjustable), the operation is simple and safe, the labor cost is reduced, the production efficiency is improved, and the medium-sized conveying is adopted in the middle, so that the meatballs are all cooking in hot water, saving energy, the entire line is closed production, eliminating the food quality accidents caused by human factors in the production process.

Meatball Production Line Parameters:

Model Power Capacity Voltage Size Transmission Way
HXR-4 meatball production line 2.77kw 4-6T 380v 12500*850*1335mm Frequency stepless governor
HXR-6 meatball production line 2.77kw 8-10T 380v 13630*900*1335mm Frequency stepless governor
HXR-8 meatball production line 3.12kw 12-14T 380v 17040*900*1385mm Frequency stepless governor
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