meatball machine

meatball making machine

meatball making machine

Meatball Making Machine

Meatball Making Machine Introduction:

The meatball forming machine is mainly used for meatballs such as chicken balls, fish balls, shrimp balls, pork balls, beef balls, mutton balls, vegetable balls, pet meat balls, etc.

Meatball Making Machine Features:

◎ Good versatility, wide application range and high production efficiency;

◎ stainless steel production, safety and health;

◎ Beautiful, durable, easy to operate and maintain;

◎Adjustable size, adjustable speed, variable frequency speed regulation;

◎The mold is replaced by a sliding door type, which is more convenient.

Meatball Making Machine Parameters:

Model HC-150 meatball forming machine HC400 meatball forming machine
Speed control Double frequency conversion Double frequency conversion
Capacity 600 pcs/min 200pcs/min
Power 1.5kw 1.5kw
Capacity 150-180kg/h 400kg/h
Meatball size φ16-φ50 Φ50-φ80
Machine size 805*500*1800mm 825*530*1730mm
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