meat fillings trolley

Meat Fillings Trolley Introduction:

1. This material truck is used for the transportation of raw materials and auxiliary materials in the processing workshop. It is suitable for meat processing workshops, delicate food processing workshops, aquatic products processing workshops, and various slaughter workshops. It can also be loaded with food materials such as vegetables, cured meats, and minced meat.

2. Designed and manufactured according to the EU CE standard, made of high quality food grade SUS304 stainless steel, thickness 2mm.

3. This meat car is of oblique shape, standard design, and can be used with standard lifting, weighing and cleaning devices.

4. Mobile and flexible steering.

5. Equipped with high-strength wear-resistant nylon wheel, the material is made of high-molecular polyethylene wheel, self-lubricating, low noise, maintenance-free.

6.The barrel core is crimped, the left and right wheels are coaxially connected, which is sturdy and durable.

7. It adopts all-welded structure, the welding is more durable and durable, the service life is longer, there is no sanitary corner, and it is easy to clean.

Meat Fillings Trolley Parameters:

Model HD-1 Meat Fillings Trolley HD-2 Meat Filligns Trolley HD-3 Meat Filligns Trolley
Size 690*650*650mm 1158*728*315mm 1175*735*570mm
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