meat dicer

meat dicer

meat dicer

Meat Dicer Machine Introduction:

The meat dicing machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel.
700 Each piece of 2.5-25kg, -4 ° C ~ -18 ° C 700 × 520 × 100 (mm) frozen meat, can be directly cut into pieces or flakes in one minute, is the front of the chopper and meat grinder Process.

◇ The machine can avoid the pollution and nutrient loss in the slowing process and ensure the freshness of the meat. It can also save the ice-cooling process and reduce the user’s cooling costs.It also equipped with the automatic protection device.
◇ With raw meat operation platform, it is convenient and labor-saving. The slides are not in the same area as the raw meat, and there is no contamination of the raw materials.
◇ It adopts integral welded structure, which is shockproof, low noise, stable machine and good performance.
◇ It can be equipped with a standard material truck, and it will not splash outward when slicing.

Meat Dicer Machine Parameters:

Power: 4kw

Capacity: once every 4 seconds, 15 times per minute

Dimensions: 1380*750*1220mm

Recurrent cutting: 4 seconds / time

Weight: 660kg

Power supply voltage: customized

Feedway width: 460/500mm

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