multi-functional meat cutter

Meat Cutting Machine Introduction:

The dicing machine and the frozen meat dicing machine are designed and manufactured with reference to international advanced machinery and have a reasonable structure. It can achieve precise “Ding”, “Silver” and “Slice” and has high working efficiency. The minimum specification of cutting diced meat is 4mm and the maximum specification is 30mm, which is the first choice for food processing and cutting.

Meat Cutting Machine Features:

1. Adjust the cutting thickness knob to make the meat pusher change the advancing speed to achieve different cutting thickness requirements.

2. Adjust the pre-pressure knob to ensure that the product is consistent during the cutting process.

3. Adjust the meat pusher for stepping motion, and use single-edged cutting to minimize the extrusion of the product during the cutting process.

4. Cutting groove—The side uses the movable side pressure mechanism to facilitate feeding and improve work efficiency.

Meat Cutting Machine Parameters:

Model HD-350 meat cutting machine HD-550 meat cutting machine
Capacity 500-600kg/h 700-900kg/h
Power 1.85kw 2.25kw
Cutting groove size 84*84*350mm 120*120*550mm
Cutting railing size 4-24mm 4-30mm
Machine size 730*1410*980mm 730*1410*980mm


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