500L900L vacuum meat blender

Meat Blender Machine Introduction:

Vacuum meat mixer blender is the necessary equipment for mixing. Under vacuum condition, the material is evenly stirred, fully expanded, free of bubbles, good elasticity, bright color and protein extraction. High mixing efficiency is a must for improving product quality device. The vacuum mixer is the first choice for the production of air-dried sausage products, granular and mud-like mixed sausage products, and pellet products. It is also an optional equipment for the production of dumplings and glutinous pasta products.

Meat Blender Machine Performance Advantages:

◎The parallel double-axis structure is adopted. The stirring shaft is equipped with a slanting plate type blade and a spiral propulsion stirring ring. The material is rotated in the inclined bucket while doing circular motion to make the mixing of various materials more uniform, so as to achieve a good mixing effect.

◎It adopts two-speed dual-power, according to the type and process of the mixed stuffing, and chooses different running modes for stirring. It can be discharged in a single axis or in two axes.

◎The vacuum sealing device adopts high-quality sealing parts that meet the hygienic standard, and adopts the backward opening type, which is safe and reliable. ◎ The degree of vacuum can be arbitrarily set to make the material stir under a good vacuum condition.

◎Adopt advanced computer control, and can set the mixing mode, mixing time, mixing time and stirring time according to the process requirements, and carry out automatic operation. ◎The whole machine is made of high quality stainless steel, easy to clean and beautiful. Meet food hygiene standards.

Vacuum Meat Blender Machine Application:

The vacuum mixing blending machine is mainly used for the initial processing of food fillings, vacuum degassing, uniform mixing, and can be used for the stirring of daily sausages, ham, meatballs, dumplings and the like. It is an important equipment for pre-processing.

Meat Blender Parameters

Model HZJ-40

meat blender machine


meat blender machine


meat blender machine

Capacity 40kg per time ≥500kg per time ≥900kg per time
Power 1.3kw 7.5kw 10.2kw
Cubage 60L 750L 1200L
Rotary Speed 75r/min 40rpm 40rpm
Vacuum Degree -60~-80kpa -60~-80kpa
Compressed Air ≥0.6Mpa ≥0.6Mpa
Size 920*560*920mm 1800*1100*1650mm 2280*1400*1860mm
Weight 80kg 1100kg 1900kg
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