150L400Lhorizonal meat blender

horizonal meat blender

horizonal meat blender

Commercial Meat Mixer Description:     

Meat mixing machine (mixer) is the necessary equipment for mixing, high efficiency and easy to operate. It is the main equipment for making air-dried sausage products, granular and mud-like mixed sausage products and pellet products, and also produces dumplings. Optional equipment for chaotic pasta products.  

Commercial Meat Mixer Performance Advantages:

◎With automatic discharge device to reduce labor intensity;

◎The unique arrangement of the teeth, the impeller cross type, is more suitable for stirring dry materials, so that the material mixing is more uniform, and the single charge is more;

◎The gap between the impeller edge and the hopper is 5mm, the mixing is more uniform, and there is no dead angle;

◎The unique three-layer sealing protection makes the equipment last longer and the cleaning is more convenient.   

Commercial Meat Mixer Features:

1. It can be stirred and mixed in stuffing, bulk and sauce. The viscosity of the stuffing after mixing is increased, and the flexible, special-shaped fan-shaped agitator is used to tenderize the filling while stirring. Compared with domestic similar products, it can significantly improve work efficiency and is the main equipment for food production.

2. The machine is equipped with positive and negative running to meet the requirements of different mixing processes.

3. The double twisted dragon structure is suitable for stirring various fillings.

4. The contact food and appearance parts are made of high quality stainless steel materials, which meet the food hygiene requirements.

Commercial Meat Mixer Parameters:
Model HBX-100 HBX-200 HBX-400
Cubage 150L 300L 400L
Capacity 75kg per time 150kg per time 350kg per time
Power 1.68kw 3kw 4.55kw
Rotary Speed 75r/min 50/75 r/min 50/75 r/min
Size 1178*555*995mm 1480*650*1170mm 1903*706*1302mm
Weight 260kg 380kg 500kg


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