500L industrial meat mixer

HJ-500  Industrial Meat Mixer Introduction:

This meat mixer blender is suitable for mass production in food factories, and it is used for reclaiming and cleaning. The beater is easy to operate, saves electricity, and has low noise. The barrel is insulated and double-layered, so that the slurry in the barrel is not easy to rise in temperature, and the effect is very good. The machine is reasonable in design, safe in operation and beautiful in appearance.

HJ-500 Industrial Meat Mixer Beater Application:

This machine is mainly used for the beating of meat materials such as meatballs, fish balls and chicken balls. It can be finished in 2-3 minutes after cooking, and it can be beaten and stirred into pulp. The fineness is better than traditional manual hammering, and the meatballs produced are Fish balls and chicken balls have good color and elasticity, and are highly praised by consumers.

HJ-500 Industrial High-speed Meat Mixer Parameters:

Model Cubage Capacity Power Size Weight
HJ500 meat mixer 500L 300kg per time 22kw 1520*1120*1750mm 1000kg
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