fish meat seperator

fish meat seperator

fish meat seperator

Fish Meat Seperator Introduction:

The fish meat seperator is suitable for marine fish and freshwater fish,crab,shrimp,

The big fish is divided into segments, and the small fish directly collects the meat.

The fish meat in the fish body can be separated from the fish bones, fish skins and fish ribs, thereby improving the utilization rate of raw materials and saving labor costs, and improving the economic value of the low-value fish. The model of the fish meat miner is divided according to the length of the drum. The length of the drum is related to the width of the fish. If the fish you want to take is larger than the length of the drum, you need to throw the fish away and cut it into a roller. Long strips within the length.

When collecting large fish, you need to remove the fish head and internal organs. Then, when you put it into the feeding port, remember to put the fish tail first. This is better to collect.

Fish Meat Seperator Parameters:

Model HF150 fish meat seperator HF200 fish meat seperator HF300 fish meat seperator HF350 fish meat seperator
Capacity 180kg/h 280kg/h 360kg/h 1.5t/h
Power 2.2kw 2.2kw 3kw 7.5kw
Weight 173kg 220kg 252kg 750kg
Size 850*650*910mm 900*750*1000mm 980*800*1000mm
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