HD meat grinder

Commercial Meat Grinder Performance:

Unthawed meat or fresh meat can be directly cut and cut into different sizes of meat.

Commercial Meat Grinder Advantages:

1. The advantage of this machine is that it is energy-saving, durable, convenient, compact, beautiful in appearance, easy to operate, high in efficiency, low in power consumption, easy to clean and maintain, safe and hygienic. It adopts fully enclosed gear transmission, compact structure, stable operation, reliable operation and convenient maintenance.

2. The meat grinder head and the parts that come into contact with food are made of food grade stainless steel, which is safe and pollution-free; the machine casing has a smooth transition, which is convenient for the operator.

Commercial Meat Grinder Supporting Recommendations:

You can configure other related equipment according to your actual needs, such as stuffing machine, sausage machine, etc.

Commercail Meat Grinder Parameters
Model Power Voltage Capacity Size Weight
HD-A3 meat grinder 1.1kw 220v 200-300kg 435*360*375mm ≈30kg
HD-A5 meat grinder 1.1kw 220v 250kg 395*360*375mm ≈25kg
HD-22Ameat grinder 1.5kw 220v 350-450kg 660*600*1050mm ≈28kg
HD32A meat grinder 2.2kw 380v 450-500kg 800*500*718mm ≈89kg
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