burger patty production line

Burger Patty Production Line Introduction:

1.The hamburger patties production line has high automation, simple use and convenient cleaning.

2.It can automatically complete the process of forming, sizing, wrapping powder and swarf of hamburger patties.

3.The new hamburger patties production line is suitable for meat, fish, shrimp, vegetables and other raw materials, and can produce burger patties, mai ham, fish burger patties, potato cakes, pumpkin cakes, kebabs, etc.

4.Products are ideal equipment for fast food restaurants, distribution centers, and food factories.

5.The hamburger patties production line: raw materials: meat (poultry, beef, lamb, pork), aquatic products (fish, shrimp, etc.), vegetables (potatoes, pumpkins, green beans, etc.), cheese and their mixes.

Burger Patty Production Line Parameters:

Model Capacity Power Mesh Belt Width Size Weight
HXH-100 burger patty forming machine 35 pcs/min 0.55kw 130mm 860*600*1400mm 100kg
HJ-200 sizing machine 100 pcs/min 1.1kw 200mm 1400*550*1250mm 100kg
HS-200 breadcrumb machine 100 pcs/min 1.1kw 200mm 1720*650*1400mm 120kg
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