burger patty machine

Burger Patty Machine Introduction:

1.The HXH-100 molding machine can automatically complete the filling, molding, sticker and output of the filling.

2.Production of products of different shapes can be achieved by replacing different molds. Suitable for making hamburger patties, chicken nuggets, fish cakes, vegetarian cakes, potato cakes, pumpkin cakes, etc.

3.The patties forming machine is suitable for the molding of various meat patties; it can produce various specifications by changing the size and thickness of the forming port.

4.The meat cake forming machine adopts the structural design of the synchronous operation of the feeding blade and the forming drum to ensure that there is enough material feeding and consistent forming pressure; in order to make the adjustment of the thickness of the formed meat cake convenient and accurate, the core part is designed as The whole is detachable.

5.The patties forming machine is easy to operate, easy to clean, stable in performance, safe and reliable, and is suitable for use in meat processing plants, catering industry, food distribution centers and other units.

Burger Patty Machine Parameters:

Model HXH-100 burger patty machine
Capacity 35 pcs/min
Cubage 30L
Power 0.55KW
Weight 100kg
Size 860*600*1400mm
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